Passione Engadina, Passione Caracciola and Passione Alfa Romeo

Between 2010-2018 I was one of the main photographers for the luxury rally car event Passione Engadina, based in St.Moritz (Switzerland). This main event also had two other side projects Passione Caracciola and Passione Alfa Romeo, in which I was responsible for.

My role included: documentation of the full event, scouting locations, directing and collaborating with other photographers and the logistics of staff. Communication with the main coordinators, the press and the sponsors of the event was also included in this role.

The reportage involved photographs of luxury cars in breathtaking locations during the rally, portraits of celebrities and capturing the affluence of the event in one of the most beautiful five stars hotels located in Switzerland. Shortly after the rally, the images were then presented on a large scale screen during the dinner galas. I was responsible for the post-production of each image, which were then used for national/international publications and social media promotions.

The rally was located in the mountain passes of the Swiss Alps and major cities such as St. Moritz, Zurich, Bern, Geneva, Stuttgart and Milan. The project enabled me to work onsite in different locations everyday. As the photographer I had to follow the rally routes independently, anticipate any movement and coordinate with the logistics of staff. I was required to handle difficult situations that needed good time management and organization skills, as well as having to improvise creatively when needed to.