Chapter V

This project is formed of two components; urban planets and man-made nature. Using parts of architectural structures found and photographed in the metropolis, I have assembled several planets. Alongside this, I have photographed the nature enclosed in several European botanical gardens. This duality highlights the way in which nature and human beings, though they are not mutually exclusive, impact each other on multiple levels. My fascination for these two very different realities laid the foundation of this work - a project which aims to visualize my personal sensitivity for the environment.

Chapter IV
Whilst exploring several islands on the Atlantic coast of Europe, I came across several bunkers. Constructed in the 40’s, these abandoned buildings still exist in the landscape, their function no longer clear. Inspired by these fascinating artefacts I created similar objects using the same components: concrete and organic matter. This work aims to visually represent the progressively decadent effects that human beings have on nature. As these artificial constructs stand still through time, we see how the structures become ‘skeletons’ of their former selves and are absorbed by nature into the landscape.

No man’s land
Chapter III
As I investigated the outskirts of the cities I used to live in, I encountered some surreal concrete structures where the city borders the surrounding nature. Enchanted by these manmade creations, I began to document them. Just as the constructions we have inherited from past civilizations, these fabrications lie timeless and undisturbed in the environment. Without modifications from human beings, these sculptures will remain in their place for generations to come. This work aims to focus on these contemporary artefacts and their relationship with the space.

Chapter II
This project was created during a solitary trip to Iceland. Feeling oppressed by the tiring rhythms of the city, I escaped and travelled North to discover the island’s untouched nature.  As I travelled through the brutal environment of the remote Icelandic landscape, I was confronted with a primordial vulnerability. I was completely engaged with the surroundings and the experience prompted me revaluate the human being’s relationship with the nature. This work is formed of a series of images of an introspective and physical exploration.

Chapter I
The term "Metamorphosis" derives from the  Greek words, meta (change) and morphe (form). It is the passage from one form or shape to another; the transformation into a different state; the transfiguration of an object changing its own nature. This series of photographic self portraits portray the harmony which can exist between the human body and the boundaries of a determined place. I let my body immerse itself in the space, taking multiple forms as it engages with it’s environment. My senses guide me as my body connects with it’s surroundings, prompting my body to change and mutate until its presence becomes, itself, a part of the landscape. Nature in this case has made me feel a sense of belonging, my presence in these places becomes fixed

© Massimiliano Rossetto 2021