The nothingness wandering out of the self
- Video installation (Zurich, Switzerland)

Assistant Director of photography

Frames from the video installation by Denise Fernandes & Rafael Kouto, produced by la rada and curated by Carolina Sanchez.
Images: Valentina Provini (DOP), Massimiliano Rossetto (DOP assistant) I  Starring: Daniela Baiardi, Giada Crivelli, Bianca Franzoni, Laurids Köhne, Céline Lancini and Alex Stepanova
Fashion designers: Giulia Rossini, Luca Xavier Tanner and Wuetrich Fuerst I Jewels designer: Martina Cavadini I Stylist: Sophie Hepp I Graphic design: Lara Di Ferdinando
Music & Editing: Tatum Rush I Production assistant: Barbara Tosti